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Global Essentials is a company specialized in exporting copper wire scraps worldwide, sourcing its materials primarily from Australia, Europe, and the USA. With a strong presence in the global market, Global Essentials has established itself as a leading exporter of copper wire scrap, leveraging Australia's abundant resources in this sector.


The company's operations involve a comprehensive process starting from the procurement of copper scrap from various sources across Australia, Europe, and the USA. We meticulously select and collect high-quality copper scrap materials, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations.

Specifications for copper

Commodity/Quality: Copper Wire Scrap as per ISRI scrap Barley No.1 (Cu % 99.92% -99.98%)

Global Essentials places a strong emphasis on quality control throughout the entire export process. We implement rigorous quality assurance measures to guarantee that their exported copper scrap meets the highest standards, thereby building trust and confidence among their global clientele.


Furthermore, our company maintains efficient logistics and shipping channels to facilitate the smooth and timely delivery of copper scrap to customers across the globe. Our extensive network and strategic partnerships enable us to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Overall, Global Essentials' dedication to excellence, coupled with our expertise in the copper scrap industry and commitment to customer satisfaction, positions it as a reliable and reputable exporter of copper scrap on the global stage.

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