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Business Activities | Export

Wood Furniture: Global Essentials meets the needs of customers in Australia and abroad,

meeting top international standards for the production of high-end, aesthetically pleasing

furniture and specialized interior equipment. Our products always guarantee quality, natural

wood color, and high durability.

Sand: Our sands are mined from natural and clean mines in Australia with high quality

for a competitive price. We export to many markets around the world including Singapore, China and SouthEast Asia. At Global Essentials, we understand the critical role that high-quality sand plays in

various construction and landscaping projects. Here's what sets us apart

Copper Wire Scrap : The company Global Essentials operates in the field of copper scrap business with a focus on purchasing, processing, and recycling used or damaged products and materials containing copper. Specifications copper Commodity/Quality: Copper Wire Scrap as per ISRI scrap Barley No.1 (Cu % 99.92% -99.98%)