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ST25 rice is a premium type of rice in the current rice market. The rice is long, clear, and not greasy. When cooked, rice is sticky, fragrant, and has a special sweet and sticky flavor that is very attractive. The rice is fragrant and sticky, so cook with little water, and the rice will still be sticky even if you don't stir it while cooking.

To ensure that rice reaches consumers as fresh as if it had just been harvested, rice needs to be carefully packaged as soon as production is completed. All types of packaging must ensure food hygiene and safety standards before packaging.

Global Essentials is a reputable Vietnamese exporter of high-quality fresh fruits, ensuring safety and reliability. As one of the leading distributors and exporters of fresh fruits in Vietnam. GE collaborates with trusted orchards to guarantee a year-round supply of delicious, high-quality fresh fruits.

Coffee is one of Vietnam's main export agricultural products, with export turnover reaching more than 3 billion USD/year. Vietnamese coffee is popular globally for its delicious taste, high quality and reasonable price.